Leadership in an International Context

Program Focus

Uncertainty and unpredictability are becoming the new norm in international business and are not only limited to emerging markets anymore. 

Hence, today’s business world means that organizations and leaders must be able to manage the increasing challenges of the VUCA environment and become more agile in an international context. The VGL leadership program supports managers and leaders to turn these challenges into strengths and opportunities.

By providing tailor-made module content based on a prior needs assessment, participants explore their current challenges and advance a personal development plan addressing their unique strengths and weaknesses.


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Program Focus:

Leadership in an International Context


Focusing on each person’s self-leadership through pre-assessments


Creating, leading, managing and motivating high performance teams


Understanding opportunities, risks and decisions to lead international organizations


Communicating, negotiating and building relationships in an international environment

The 4 Phases of the Program

The Learning Model

The LIVED® Leadership Development Program has been developed based on latest leadership by PSI International. It builds on the five core dimensions Learning, Intellect, Values, Emotions and Drive (LIVED). 

The successful combination of an intellectual dimension, an emotional dimension, a dimension that focuses on an individual’s drive to succeed, a dimension that takes account of an individual’s attitude or values, and finally a dimension that recognizes the importance of learning, in order to adapt to the demanding circumstances of the fast-paced modern world, together form a strong foundation to lead with excellence and confidence in a VUCA world.

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