Developing International Leaders

Who Benefits

The program is specifically designed for mid-level managers who seek to launch or expand their international leadership skills. They come from different sectors, which enables a cross-pollination of ideas, while building a holistic and integrated understanding of leadership.

All our participants:

  • Deal with unpredictable, uncertain, volatile, and risky markets
  • Are mid-level managers seeking to launch or expand their international leadership skills
  • Possess advanced English skills
  • Seek to build more resilient and agile teams in a fast-changing market

Some of the pain-points we hear from executives and address in the program are:

  • I constantly have to deliver more with less.
  • I have no time for my personal life or to continue my professional development.
  • Being under constant pressure, I struggle to inspire and motivate my team.
  • I am always putting out daily fires and have no time to work on strategic issues.
  • I am torn between fulfilling team needs and organizational objectives.


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Management and leadership in a VUCA world demand agility, resilience and a degree of flexibility to deal with the ever growing complexities of global markets. Business leaders will have to be capable of managing the risks of a VUCA world – a task that is facilitated through the three factors that the VGL leadership program offers, i.e. knowledge, skills and a relevant network of professionals. I have known the principals of VGL for more than 10 years and believe that they have designed an applicable program to help participants develop as leaders.

Prof. Dr. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan

Istanbul University, Turkey

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Vienna Global Leaders is a platform by Eunepa dedicated to developing and connecting managers and leaders with international best practices to operate with more confidence and efficiency in a fast-changing global market.

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