Developing Leaders in a Complex World


Vienna Global Leaders is a Vienna-based platform by Eunepa – Eurasian Nexus Partners dedicated to developing leaders and managers in a complex world.

As much as today’s business environment is becoming more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA), leaders need to manage these new challenges

  • in their environment
  • in business structures
  • in teams
  • and in how they lead themselves.

By bringing together international decision-makers in the VGL executive programs and VGL Forum, we equip them with international best practices and the necessary skills to operate with more efficiency and confidence in a global VUCA market.


Some of the pain-points we hear from executives are:

  • I constantly have to deliver more with less.
  • I have no time for my personal life or to continue my professional development.
  • Being under constant pressure, I struggle to inspire and motivate my team.
  • I am always putting out daily fires and have no time to work on strategic issues.
  • I am torn between fulfilling team needs and organizational objectives.


What we offer:

By providing executive leadership programs and public forums with a focus on self-development, we offer strategies and direct support for executives to lead themselves, their teams and organizations.

This helps them to turn threats of working and leading in a VUCA world into opportunities for growth and development.


Why Vienna?

Vienna and Austria are seen as a significant center of Europe. For centuries, Vienna has been a bridge between the East and West, an excellent position to bring together culture, knowledge, competencies and internationalization.


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Executive leadership program developing leaders for complex markets


Individualized leadership skills through tailor-made module content and prior needs assessment

Facilitating international contacts between participants and European business

Developing global perspectives for managers working in a VUCA world

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Vienna Global Leaders is a platform by EUNEPA dedicated to developing and connecting managers and leaders in a complex world.

Vienna Global Leaders by Eunepa

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