Psychological Dimensions of the Post-Pandemic Return to Work

A conversation with Dr. Coline Covington


Date: 26 May 2020


Join: 15:00 CEST (tech-check) | Start: 15:05 CEST | End: 16:00 CEST

Location: Virtual

Speakers: Dr. Coline Covington, Dr. Bijan Khajehpour (moderator)


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As communities prepare for a gradual return to normalcy, business owners and leaders are faced with many challenges regarding business continuity, physical health of their human resources, and how to adjust work environments to take into account social distancing.

Considering these diverse challenges, there is a risk that the issue of mental health gets neglected in the process. At the same time, beyond the current pandemic, we will be living in a world that has been traumatized, and in some ways irretrievably damaged. There is no doubt that our staff will look for security in their political and business leaders.

While we are all struggling to find a new balance, as entrepreneurs, leaders and managers we need to be prepared for what could emerge after this crisis. Some experts have warned that there will be a pandemic of anxiety, once this crisis is over.

So, what should we expect and how can we prepare ourselves for the post-pandemic period? Some questions that will be discussed in this conversation will be:

  • What types of anxieties can we expect in our work environment?
  • How can we pave the way for the staff to show their emotions such as fear and anger?
  • How can we help our staff to feel safe outside their homes and in our office environment?
  • Will the transformation in social norms impact attitudes to professional work?
  • Will changes in work environments have an impact on aspects such as motivation?
  • Will a prevalence of online relationships undermine the future of face-to-face meetings? What will be gained and what will be lost?

The conversation with Dr. Coline Covington (psychotherapist and corporate mentor) moderated by Dr. Bijan Khajehpour (strategy consultant) will also take into account participants’ questions in an interactive Q&A during the event.

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Dr. Coline Covington

Dr. Coline Covington

Coline Covington, Ph.D., is an experienced psychotherapist with a background in political science and criminology. She is a Fellow of International Dialogue Initiative (IDI), a think tank formed by Prof. Vamik Volkan, Lord Alderdice, and Dr. Robi Friedman to apply psychoanalytic concepts in understanding political conflict and the effects of trauma on political behaviour.

Coline also works in the corporate sector promoting ethical leadership within organizations in the process of change.

Coline’s recent publications include: Everyday Evils: A Psychoanalytic View of Evil and Morality (Routledge, 2017) and For Goodness Sake: Bravery, Patriotism and Identity (Phoenix Publishing House, 2020).

Coline is in private practice in London.

Dr. Bijan Khajehpour

Dr. Bijan Khajehpour

Bijan is a Managing Partner at Eunepa and Atieh Capital, and a veteran strategy and risk advisor, with particularly extensive experience in West Asian markets. He has over 25 years of strategic consulting experience with global companies.

Bijan has also been involved in mediation and negotiations of international business and investment partnerships, and is a Fellow of International Dialogue Initiative (IDI).

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