Quiet Leadership – The Power of Introverted Leaders in a Shifting World

Date: Thursday, 10 November 2022

Time: 13:00-14:00 CET

Location: Virtual
Speakers: Anas El-Mahdi (G+D), Andrew Stotter-Brooks (Etihad Aviation Group), moderated by Pari Namazie (EUNEPA)

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Do leaders always need to be extroverted, confident, charismatic and vocal?

What about quiet leaders?

Have you ever felt that only the loudest members of your team are being recognized and/or promoted while those who are contributing their ideas more quietly often do not get as much credit?

Studies found that extroverts are more likely to rise to leadership positions due to a greater motivation to achieve external goals, such as a promotion or increased salary. The perception that extroverted individuals make better leaders is influenced by the fact that there are more extroverts in leadership positions.

In her 2012 book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, Susan Cain brought much-needed attention to how extroverted leaders have gotten a lot of the spotlight, to the point that excellent introverted leaders are increasingly overlooked. She argues that without introverts we wouldn’t have leadership achievements such as the Apple computer, or the theory of relativity — both Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein were introverts.

In this VGL Forum we want to dive into the topic of “Quiet Leadership” and discuss:

  • Why are introvert leaders a benefit to businesses?
  • What do introverts bring to leadership positions and their teams?
  • What are introverts’ key challenges and how can they rise because of — not in spite of — their introversion?
  • What are implicit organisational barriers for introvert leaders and what can we do to change them?
  • Leadership vs. Leadership? How do you facilitate extrovert and introvert participants in meetings?
  • How do introverted leaders network?

Join us as Pari Namazie moderates a conversation with Anas El-Mahdi and Andrew Stotter-Brooks where we explore quiet leadership and share stories and best practices.

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Anas El-Mahdi

Anas El-Mahdi

Anas is leading a multi-cultural/ nationality/ location team in his role as VP, Sales at G+D Currency Technology out of their regional HQ in Dubai. He has over two decades of work experience spanning management positions in Africa, Europe, North America and Asia.

Anas is himself a multi-heritage individual who believes that there are numerous ways to get things done. Culture plays an important role in how he prefers to manage and lead his teams. Focusing on subtle ways, he guides them through turbulent and ever changing stages of their own growth.

Andrew Stotter-Brooks

Andrew Stotter-Brooks

Andrew is a HR Professional with more than thirty years of senior Human Resources Management practice in Retail, Hospitality, Leisure and Aviation.

Prior to Abu Dhabi and Etihad Aviation Group, he worked for seven years with Alshaya Group as Head of Learning, supporting the career development of more than 90,000 team members in 19 countries.

Andrew also worked with Peninsula and Orient (P&O) in the South Pacific supporting their international Cruise fleet and Hilton International Group as the People and Development Director responsible for HR delivery and Management training within Europe supporting over 500 Hotels.

In addition to his professional development work with Alshaya, Hilton, YUM and P&O, he has been an Executive industry coach for American University Dubai, Greenwich and Nottingham Universities, Rolls Royce and Bass.
People development is his passion, helping others to overcome real and imagined obstacles to achievement, whilst creating an environment of trust and the ability to avoid ambiguity.

Dr. Pari Namazie

Dr. Pari Namazie

Pari is the founder of the platform Vienna Global Leaders and will co-moderate this session. She is an executive coach, facilitator and the Managing Partner and Head of the Leadership and Organisations Division at EUNEPA. She has over 25 years of experience in the field with multinational and international companies. 

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