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Positive Leadership – How to Achieve High Performance


Workshop Overview

Positive Leadership: How to Achieve High Performance with Strength-Oriented Leadership

Learning journey: 4 hours LIVE virtual workshop, individual reflection, triad learning

Dates: 8 July (15:00-17:00 CEST) + 15 July (16:00-18:00 CEST)

Location: Virtual

Group size: max. 18 people

Instructor: Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, PERMA-Lead certified coach


Certificate: Certificate of participation


Price: 210 Euro


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Workshop Content

About the workshop

Think briefly about how you were supported during your life: Did you receive tutoring in school subjects in which you were less gifted, or were you also supported where you were above average? Do you mainly attend work-related seminars in your “development fields” or in those areas in which you are exceptionally good? Probably mostly the former. It is therefore not surprising that the following belief is firmly anchored in many managers: The greatest room for an increase in performance lies in a person’s weaknesses. Do you believe that too?

Leadership research clearly shows that employees perform better when their strengths are promoted! Employees who are managed in a strength-oriented manner not only perform better, they are also happier, more committed and identify more clearly with their company. It is no wonder that the subjective burden on managers also decreases when they recognize the strengths of their employees, focus on them and use them in a targeted manner.


Get to know positive leadership as a leadership approach and how to integrate it into your everyday management. Positive leadership aims to ensure that managers recognize, promote and support the individual strengths of the employees.

In this virtual learning journey, participants learn the PERMA lead concept of Positive Leadership and the numerous direct applications in everyday life. You will be experiencing practical exercises, learning concrete techniques and methods that you can integrate into everyday leadership, use individual reflection exercises and the Learning Triad during this unique virtual learning journey.


    What is Positive Leadership?


    Current and practical research results on Positive Leadership

    Analysis of your own strengths: Get to know yourself better (Positive Leadership Potential)

    Strength oriented feedback techniques

    Methods, Tools and Leadership Techniques for Positive Leadership

    Create the perfect fit between strengths and requirements


    Claudia Correa
    Associate Coach, BeHuman

    My best collective zoom experience so far. The conference on Positive Leadership with the Vienna Global Leaders network last week was such an energizing experience. With people attending from all over the world. Tremendous organization speakers and format. The content keeps resonating in me.

    Verónica De la Fuente
    Connector and Catalyst for Intercultural Relations

    I attended this amazing event on Positive Leadership! Why amazing? First the content, excellent topic, very good experts and also, practical experiences and their implementation in organizations, which makes it very reliable. Another fantastic aspect is the workshop model, extremely interactive and participative, with the possibility of reflecting and sharing with the rest of the participants, but also in an energizing and convivial atmosphere. After so many webinars and online workshop, this one more than tired me, it energized me.

    Your Instructor

    Barbara Covarrubias Venegas, leadership trainer, leadership development, vienna global leaders, leadership vienna, vuca, vgl, eurasia

    Dr. Barbara Covarrubias Venegas

    Barbara is a senior researcher and lecturer at different universities in Austria and abroad. Besides, she is Visiting Professor at the University in Valencia/Spain. Her research focuses on New Ways of Working and particularly leadership strategies for complex environments. Barbara is the project leader for Vienna Global Leaders and Eunepa’s different leadership programs. Besides, she is a passionate dancer and fell deeply in love with West Coast Swing. Read more at

    Barbara is a PERMA-Lead certified coach by Dr. Markus Ebner.


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